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“Mindfulness for Better Sleep” (3-week course, 75-minute sessions)  gives you a way to improve your sleep. Mindfulness has much to offer those who wish for more rest, and a better quality of sleep.  

This course covers the essentials of sleep hygiene. It introduces mindful practices that can help you towards healthy and refreshing sleep at night and more energy during the day. It is also a chance to assess things you do in the day, which affect your ability to rest at night. 

Groups are friendly and supportive, as we explore the challenges of your night-time 'rest opportunity'. You have the chance to lie down in class for meditations rather like ’napping’. So bring something to lie on if you wish. 

Following the course and its practices, we expect you will make significant progress in tackling common difficulties with sleep, such as:  

  •  Feeling ‘tired but wired’ at night  

  •  Struggling to get to sleep, or stay asleep  

  •  Waking up feeling tired and drained  

  •  Not waking up or getting up when you wish  

  •  Feeling tired during the day  


The course covers: 

  • Your sleep journey: tuning into natural body rhythms, daytime practices to aid night-time sleepiness 

  • Getting to sleep: getting to bed ‘procrastination’, healthy pre-bed activities, more sleep practices, sleep cycles 

  • Staying asleep: awareness of dreams, and 8-hour ‘rest opportunity window’, further sleep practices 

  • Waking up fresh: un-alarmed wake up calls, night time preparation for fresh wakeful days 

Book your session 

Bookings are now open, please follow the link to the University Training website.

Dates: Tuesdays 2 May, 9 May and 16 May 2023. 

Venue: St John’s College, Boys Smith Room (Fisher Building). 

Times: Book for your preferred time, but attend either session flexibly, as it suits you on the day: 

  • 4:00pm-5:15pm 

  • 6:00pm-7:15pm