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Student Support


What happens to your personal data?

Your information will be shared with relevant staff in the Student Support team. This includes staff in the University Counselling Service, the Mental Health Advice Service, the Wellbeing Advice Service, the Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service, the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre, as well as administrative, data analysis and programme support staff.

The Student Support team will use the data obtained from this form and from your interactions with us to offer timely and appropriate support interventions. We will not collect more information than required to fulfil its purpose and we will not retain this information for longer than is necessary.

We will use your data for monitoring and research including evaluation of the services we provide. We may publish aggregated data based on personal information from service users, including analysis and research utilising these data, but the data will be anonymised and no information which could identify you will be published.

Sharing your information

Student Support will only use or pass on your information with your consent, unless required by law, or where there are serious concerns about your safeguarding or wellbeing. In the event of life-threatening incidences, we may share essential information. If confidential information is to be shared, we will normally contact you to inform you of what will be shared, with whom, and the reason for doing so, as required.

We will not share or use your information for marketing purposes.

How we keep your information

Your personal information will be stored securely. Access to your data is limited to staff within the Student Support team. Staff within the team will only access your data where permitted and relevant to their role. This may include input from senior staff in the team, administrative staff or data analysts. We normally retain your records for seven years after your final involvement with us.

Further information

For additional information about how your data is stored and your data protection rights, please see how we use your personal information.

Withdrawal or change of consent

You have the right to change or withdraw your consent at any time. However, if you withdraw your consent this can only be applied at the point of request. This will not affect lawful processing of data based on previous consent.

If you wish to withdraw or change your consent agreement please contact We will then retain a copy of this request within your file.