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“Mindfulness for Keeping Calm” (3-week course, 75-minute sessions) is an opportunity to befriend your nervous system. Understanding what triggers your anxiety, you can make quick and effective interventions that calm and ground you under pressure. Facing life’s challenges, exams or deadlines, you learn new ideas and techniques to support you this term, and we have fun exploring them together in the class, so you can work out which ones suit you best.  

Groups are friendly and welcoming. We check in each week on our progress and support each other as we go. You have the chance to lie down to meditate, too, so bring something to lie on if you wish. 

Over the three weeks, you can expect significant progress in: 

  • Knowing how your system responds to triggers and challenges 
  • Finding ways to counter rising anxiety or panic 
  • Understanding the causes of anxiety and how to combat them 
  • Grounding and calming yourself under pressure 
  • Taking preventative measures that keep you calm and stable 
  • Discovering your own ‘power tricks’  

Book your session 

Bookings are now open, please follow the link to the University Training website.

Dates: Thursdays 4 May, 11 May and 18 May 

Venue: Jesus College, Coleridge Room 

Times: Book for your preferred time, but attend either session flexibly, as it suits you on the day: 

  • 4:00pm-5:15pm 
  • 6:00pm-7:15pm