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“Mindfulness for Focus and Balance” (3-week course, 75-minute sessions) harnesses the power of mindfulness to help you choose. Making productive choices means you can avoid procrastination, and other ‘unhelpful’ activities, and so gain a focused and balanced lifestyle to support and sustain your study and leisure. With increasing efficiency and kindness, you build a healthy pride in what you do.  

This course extends the single session of our original researched 8-week course that explores motivation by looking at the underlying needs which drive our actions. Bringing awareness to our needs allows us to devise the best-outcome strategies to meet them. You can make 'guilt-free' decisions that allow you to live as you wish, ideally, making what you do the same as what you want. 

Groups are friendly and welcoming. We check in each week on progress and support each other as we go. You have the chance to lie down to meditate, so bring something to lie on if you wish. 

Over the three weeks, you can expect significant progress in: 

  • Dealing with distractions (social media, etc) 
  • Handling difficult decisions 
  • Understanding underlying needs 
  • Finding successful strategies to meet your needs 
  • Exploring balance for greater ease and wellbeing 
  • Building focus for enhanced study and learning 

Book your session 

Bookings are now open, please follow the link to the University Training website.

Dates: Wednesdays 3 May, 10 May and 17 May 2023  

Venue: St Catharine’s College, Ramsden Room 

Times: Book for your preferred time, but attend either session flexibly, as it suits you on the day: 

  • 4:00pm-5:15pm 

  • 6:00pm-7:15pm