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Hear what students who have taken part in Mindfulness sessions have to say: 

"Elizabeth has such a calming and soothing presence. Doing the 8-week mindfulness course led by her last term was what fuelled my passion for mindfulness and meditation. It is so important when meditating to feel relaxed and not judged, and Elizabeth's guided meditations enable just that. She led a meditation via Zoom with the committee the other day and it left me feeling grounded, present and content."

“I really appreciated the invitation to scan the body organically, tuning in to what was present and accepting it with grace”

"In times of self-Isolation and increasing concerns for many, I believe Mindfulness Meditation is very useful and important to keep calm and still enjoy the spring and the coming months."

"I've been doing mindfulness for a month now and since the very first session, the whole experience with my own existence has changed for the better!"

"I also like your style of leading meditations, because you encourage an independent, personal style, e.g. rather than telling us what to do you give different options such as choosing whether to listen to sounds, follow the breath or explore sensations."