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This page expresses our wish to create a safe and comfortable environment, in person and online. Please check you agree with the following – and email us if you have any queries or concerns. 

In-person mindfulness classes 

  • We ask you are willing to follow the protocol and requests of the venue 

  • Class sizes will be between 12-25 participants, depending on venue 

  • Should you feel unwell before a class, please attend remotely, checking out the timetable 

  • Due to increased airflow in the room, please come well wrapped and warm, with sufficient coats or extra wraps and scarves 

  • While meditating, feel free to remove any face-mask you may be wearing to allow yourself to breathe freely 

  • Should you experience a coughing fit while meditating, please do not assume you have a virus: this is a commonly experienced phenomenon as the nervous system settles and discharges excess stress 

  • In the event of fire, the Mindfulness teacher will point out fire exits 

  • Please take care of yourself during the class 

  • Feel free to catch the teacher before or after the class if you have any worries or concerns as you learn mindfulness 

Note for disabilities and access: 

  • Where classes are in person, we aim to hold them in venues with disabled access. But because of the nature of the older colleges, we cannot manage this for every class. Please check to see whether the course you wish to attend has disabled access, and inform the teacher, Dr Elizabeth English, by email of your particular needs; 

  • Please note: Some of the classes involve gentle movement, and moving around the room. If you wish to discuss this with me, please email in advance. 

Mindfulness classes on MS Teams 

  • Are you familiar with MS Teams and your IT? 

  • Can you be ready 2-3 minutes before the session starts? 

  • Do you feel safe and comfortable in your chosen environment, with minimum disturbance from outside? 

MS Teams feedback 

Please check: 

  • You have informed the teacher or bookings team of any special requirements prior to the session 

  • You know where to leave feedback (positive and/or constructive) using our form 

  • If you experience discomfort or distress, you can end the session at any time and let the teacher know (so we know whether you are okay, or not) 

MURAL for online classes 

On occasion we use an online interactive platform, MURAL. You can join: 

  • as a Visitor (one-off links given in MS Teams chat by the teacher ) 

  • or by signing up as a Guest for access at any time via the MURAL page 

Group etiquette, in person and on MS Teams 

Please check you are willing and able to support a happy and respectful group atmosphere: 

  • keeping everything confidential (out of respect and sensitivity to others) 

  • sharing (only) what you are comfortable to share 

  • occupying breakout spaces as set up by the teacher (in person) 

  • making this session as enjoyable and productive as you wish 

  • taking responsibility for your own screen fatigue and video call fatigue, to maximise your learning 

  • sharing any difficulties with your teacher, in the group or individually 

On MS Teams: 

  • staying visible in breakout groups, if IT allows 

  • have light source in front of you 

  • muting your microphone when needed for maximum peace and quiet 

  • using chat function sensitively 

  • keeping video on in a breakout room, where possible 

  • using your video in the main group, at least a couple of times, or if requested (if IT allows) 

Learning mindfulness online 

Please check your own answers to the following: 

  • “How can I support myself to learn mindfulness?” 
  • “Can I arrive in good time?” 
  • “Can I avoid stimulants beforehand?” 
  • “I know what to do if I have doubts"

General support

You know where to seek support: Student Support pages

Mindfulness Teacher
For meditation/mindfulness concerns 

Counselling Service
For emotional or mental health concerns

Medical, health
For concerns about your physical health

1to1 support: email teacher

Arrange a counselling session

The NHS and Healthcare

Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre