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There are lots of ways to take time out from work, connect with others and relax. You might feel like just meeting up informally with friends, seeing a film or having a meal. If you do feel like more organised activities, we’ve put some ideas below. 

Being Active: Physical Activity and Sport 

There are around 80 sporting clubs and societies at Cambridge. While some teams at Cambridge are competing at the highest level, most club members are in it to learn a new sport, keep active, and most importantly to make friends! Check out the wide range of clubs available – over half of the clubs are open to complete beginners. From gliding to gymnastics and korfball to karate, the right activity is out there for you. 

Over at the Sports Centre, as well as gym and sport facilities, University of Cambridge Sport offer a wide range of fitness classes including yoga, circuits, ballet barre – all included in one membership. There will always be friendly and experienced staff on hand to cater to your needs - whether that be devising a personal programme, giving advice, or just having a chat. 

Being involved in sport and physical activity is not only good for your physical wellbeing, but it can also be stress relieving, and it’s a great way to meet other people. 

Connect through Music: the Centre for Music Performance 

The Centre for Music Performance has been established to help students of all subjects, backgrounds and levels of musical ability (and members of the local community) to make music of all genres a core part of life at Cambridge. If you’d like to meet other students and people interested in music at all levels and abilities, the CMP is for you! 

Finding friends in Student Societies 

Cambridge SU has a huge number of student societies, covering all kinds of activities, interests and hobbies you might have. If joining a society isn’t for you, there are also lots of events you can come along to

Giving back: Volunteering opportunities 

Volunteering can be a great way to contribute to the local community, and to meet people with similar interests to you. Try: 

  • Cambridge Nightline recruits and trains students twice a year, to listen to the concerns of callers, show empathy, and provide emotional support to other students

  • Cambridge Council for voluntary services is not affiliated to the University – it is a local group charity set up to support community and voluntary groups, and promote volunteering across Cambridge City, South Cambridgeshire and Fenland, and provides opportunities for volunteering in the local community

If you are feeling nervous about making friends and connections at Cambridge: 

  • As daunting as it can be sometimes, be yourself. Every person is unique, interesting and deserving of caring and fun friends. So where you can, take the chance of putting your true self out there when connecting with fellow students, as it will increase your chances of making friends who share your values and interests. 

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Making good friends takes time, it can be a trial-and-error process. Over the course of our studies our preferred social circles can change and develop as we grow as people. All of these challenges are normal parts of life, and you will find your people in good time.  

  • Suggest plans. Whether with existing friends or potential new friends, take a chance and pitch an idea you’d like to do – often others will think it’s a nice idea too and want to join and connect with you. It won’t always be the right time, or the right person, but every successful plan will start with someone making a suggestion – so where you can, give it a go.  

  • Reach out for support. If you are feeling you can’t face the fear alone, or experienced of social anxiety or low self-esteem are presenting barriers for you, there is lots of support available to help with finding ways to get started.  

  • Advice from other students. Student Minds have assembled a webpage full of resources for students on friendships and social connections, and Cambridge SU have shared guidance on making friends at university.  

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