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The Collegiate University is embarking upon a programme of change aimed at improving our support for student mental health and wellbeing. The University has committed to invest funding over the next three years for this purpose.

There is already a lot of support for student mental health and wellbeing in the University and the Colleges, but we believe we can improve it. Our aim is to provide more coordinated, responsive and flexible mental health and wellbeing support that helps students at Cambridge University to thrive academically and personally.

Plans to improve our support for students have been developed following a detailed review, along with extensive consultation with student representatives and the Colleges, Faculties and Departments.

Our programme of change has begun: the University has appointed a Deputy Head of Education Services whose remit is student support and wellbeing, and a new Head of the University Counselling Service. Over the coming months the University will also be recruiting a Head of Student Wellbeing and a manager for what will be a newly-configured and enhanced Mental Health Advice Team. We expect students to see improvements to support for their wellbeing during 2023 and beyond, which will include:

  • a continued focus on providing the right support at the right time by both college welfare teams and University support services
  • a wide range of support will be available alongside counselling, including one-off support, various forms of therapy and specialist support for more serious cases
  • increased use of mentors for students experiencing mental health problems
  • an expanded, dedicated advice and support service for those who have experienced sexual harassment or violence
  • clear guidance to students on how to access support under the new system
  • improved training and support for staff in student-facing roles

Students who are currently in need of help or advice should continue to access support via their College (for example, their Tutor, Senior Tutor or College Nurse). For information on University services, including counselling, and support for disabled students, see our webpage.